Welcome to the new Religion in American History and Politics web site. Our purpose is to serve as a guide to the complex story of America and religion.

Religion has been a vital and controversial part of American life since the founding of the nation.  The separation of church and state in a sense defined America but the exact meaning of that separation in law and practice has been a subject of ongoing debate.  Religion has affected the outcome of elections since 1800 and helped determine long-term voting patterns.  It has motivated great social and political movements in the United States, such as abolition and prohibition, and helps explain the often missionary zeal of American foreign policy.  America spawned new religions and changed old ones and these religions have changed America and the world.

Because religion is both important to and controversial in American life, its discussion deserves support with the best scholarship and resources available. That’s what we aim to provide. As part of Teaching American History.org, our special concern is supporting teachers of American history and government.

The launch of the site is really only a beginning.  We will be adding new content regularly. If you have suggestions or comments, please send them to us, [email protected]

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